Client Feedback

Spinal Decompression Treatment success

“I had hurt my back at work many years ago, I also played a lot of contact sports. I had heard many different advertisements on back treatments that said they could help people with back problems.

My back pain was problematic, if I vacuumed, raked grass, took long walks, played sports, slept or went on long drives in the car. It seemed that any activity intensified my pain.

I asked my Physiotherapist if she believed that Spine Med could help me, she said yes and explained how the Spine Med worked.

After my time using the Spine Med it made a huge difference in my lifestyle and mood. My flexibility was much better. I could get in and out of the bed, sleep, play golf, baseball, hockey. vacuum, rake the lawn, on go on long drives without the discomfort I had experienced before  Spine Med.

I would Spine Med to anyone with a back problem, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it.”  – Mike B.

“I had a herniated disc and a pinched nerve from a gardening accident. It was horrible pain. I absolutely recommend the Spinal Decompression treatment to relieve these symptoms.” – Joan B.

“My original diagnosis was spinal stenosis. I would really recommend anyone with a back injury to use the SpineMed Spinal Decompression. It sure has done a lot for me.” – John P.

“I had 2 degenerative and bulging discs. I couldn’t really stand up straight, and I always walked bent over in pain, I couldn’t tie up my own shoes. I went through chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy treatments, epidural injections, and nothing seemed to work. Now I feel fine, a lot better than I did before. I would say about 99% better. I can bend over and tie my shoes, I can tolerate a lot of things I couldn’t before. And I’m sleeping at night now! I would recommend the Spine MED Spinal Decompression Treatment to other people. I always knocked other advertised treatments until I tried Spine MED Spinal Decompression Treatment, I’m a believer.” – James P.

“While contemplating having a 4th surgery due to lumbar back and sciatica pain, I ran across an advertisement for Spinal Decompression Treatment. After trying so many other type treatments for my back pain, I was very skeptical, but decided to check the website for further information. Much to my surprise I read about a treatment to decompress the spine without surgery – which is the very thing my previous surgeries were supposed to do but without a lot of success! I felt hopeful and decided to give a try. I was able to schedule an initial consultation with Tina at the Halton Spinal Decompression Center within a few days. At the consultation, I was able to watch a video and discuss the treatment plan in more detail. After determining via a recent MRI that I was a great candidate for this type of treatment, we began daily sessions on the Spine MED Spinal Decompression Treatment equipment for the next 30 days. Little by little, my back and leg pain began to decrease to the point where I have very little pain left and have been able to increase my daily activities while decreasing pain medication. I can highly recommend the Halton Spinal Decompression Center for anyone who needs Spinal Decompression Treatment.

The care I received, during my SpineMED® Spinal Decompression Treatments, has been exceptional. All the staff members are very personable and helped me feel nurtured and cared for during my treatments – instead of feeling like “just a number” as I have felt at other physical therapy centers. This helped me to look forward to my daily SpineMED® Spinal Decompression Treatments. I would return for any physical therapy needs I may have in the future.” – Marian P.