The SpineMed Decompression Table

SpineMED was engineered to overcome the limitations and side effects of previous decompression devices and traction tables.

The highly advanced SpineMED is a NON-SURGICAL, DRUG-FREE procedure that is EXCEPTIONALLY COMFORTABLE. It offers hope where other decompression systems fail.

This decompression system has been licensed by Health Canada since 2002 and is utilized in hospitals and private clinics throughout the world.



Set apart from other Spinal Decompression tables, SpineMed provides the following unique features:

  • Spinal Decompression without cumbersome harnesses.
  • Pelvic restraints and low back supports that are comfortable and easy to set up. This allows the patient to have a consistent set-up every treatment.
  • Built in entertainment that allows for maximal relaxation during your low back pain treatment.
  • Some patients experience treatment soreness or have difficulty tolerating treatment due to pain. This is minimized when using the SpineMed decompression table. Controls are designed to more specifically target your spinal segments with lower forces than other types of traction or spinal decompression tables. The result? A gentle pull with the same effectiveness – better for a sore back.
  • Up to date technology such as tension monitors are able to sense tension due to muscle contraction or spasm during your low back pain treatment. Adjustments are made every 20 milliseconds to modify tension and maximize comfort during spinal decompression.
  • True spinal decompression depends on this ability, to distract the spine without eliciting reflex muscle contractions.

As someone with neck or low back pain, comfortable positioning during your spinal decompression treatment is important to you, and certainly important to us!