Osteoarthritis of the Spine Causing Back Pain


Can Spinal Decompression help when Back Pain is caused by Osteoarthritis of the Spine?

Osteoarthritis is a condition describing the general wear and tear of the cartilage which covers the ends of each bone in a joint. It can be any joint in the body, your spine included, which can cause your low back pain. These joints in your spine are called “facet joints” in medical terms.

As with any condition, there are varying severities. Some people have mild OA as we call it, others have moderate to severe.

Spinal Decompression can help to unload the joints which may help reduce inflammation and lower your back pain.

The gentle light stretching of spinal decompression could also improve your flexibility and range of motion. You may also need your physiotherapist to mobilize the joints in your spine, once the pain has settled with spinal decompression. Just improving the range of motion of a joint and strengthening the muscles around the joint can make a world of difference. Why live with low back pain when you might not have to?

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